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My daughter gets croup yearly.

1.) childrens Motrin - decreases pain and imflafation.
2.) standing by an open window breathing in outside, cool night air. Minimum 10-15 min.
3.) glass of warm tea with honey- warm tea soothes, honey naturally has an antibiotic property to it.
4.) children's cough medicine- coats the throat and calms the reflexes.
5.) Vicks on the chest and bottom of the feet.
6.) put back to bed propped up on pillows to relieve pressure.
7.) turn on cool most humidifier, place near bed.
8.) last on list but 1st in practice.. Prayer, that God will heal them quickly, and take away the discomfort. :)

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She said i cold night not -21 c'mon man lol


Love your last one prayer works miracles.


Very well written. The last one made my hairs it ☺ 💕💕💕💕


To the parent who stood outside in the 21 degree celsius weather: my son also stood outside in weather like this (while it snowed), but first I had him stand in a bathroom while I ran hot water in the shower. I've read to have the child breathe in the steam for 5-10 minutes then immediately go outside for 10 minutes or so. (He got dressed in the bathroom so he could walk straight outside.) He's still coughing, but I also gave him the ibuprofen, gave him tea (Throat Coat) with honey, vapo rub, humidifier and prayed for him. Try it all till it works! :)


thank you for your post I just spent last night in the ER with my son who is five with croup and your list is very helpful and clear. I love your last tip. Prayer of the righteous availeth much.


Thank you !!! Prayer in the Name of Jesus has a true power !!

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