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My daughter gets croup yearly.

1.) childrens Motrin - decreases pain and imflafation.
2.) standing by an open window breathing in outside, cool night air. Minimum 10-15 min.
3.) glass of warm tea with honey- warm tea soothes, honey naturally has an antibiotic property to it.
4.) children's cough medicine- coats the throat and calms the reflexes.
5.) Vicks on the chest and bottom of the feet.
6.) put back to bed propped up on pillows to relieve pressure.
7.) turn on cool most humidifier, place near bed.
8.) last on list but 1st in practice.. Prayer, that God will heal them quickly, and take away the discomfort. :)

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Love the last, but first! Prayer!!


You are right, we must pray to god first. Thank you for your advice.


Thank you for your tips, my 2 yr old just woke tonight from a croup coughing frenzy and it was pretty scary!...must say though...I love the last tip, found that prayer helped the most, and kept the situation calm as it could be for the circumstances, Amen! Helping me remember that Our Good Lord will not let us go through anything He feels we could not handle without His Help.
Wishes to all those parents that their little ones have a speedy recovery soon.:)


Love the last one you said. Pray to god and do your best. Thanks.


What did the DR say about this problem?Is there anything the DR can do since this keeps coming back every year?


Melissa the doctor can call in a steroid cough medication but it doesn't help it any better than the home remedies.


Thank you for helping me remember the physician of us all. My 4 year old and I both said a prayer. Thank you for helping me as a mother to teach him the best source to go to.


Love the last one you said. How true....allowing God to do the miracle by a prayer in faith. He can do in a minute what All these medicines couldn't do for a lifetime......
The more we rest in Him, the more we let Him to do...thanks :)


I stood outside with my child out in -21 degrees Celsius air as suggested by the doctor. It doesn't work! The only thing it will do is give both you and your child hypothermia


Love the prayer!!!!!!

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