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-31 year old male developed moderate case of gw at 25 - (very few sexual partners)
-diagnosed with crohn's disease and also commenced Remicade treatment at age 25
-gw breakouts seem to coincide with remicade treatment times
-confirmed with doctors that remicade weakens immune system therefore causes hpv to manifest
-also confirmed low-risk hpv
-electrosurgery - painful as hell, warts come back in a week
-aldara - horrible rash, made me feel physically ill
-veregen - just made the warts bigger and itched like crazy
-tea tree oil - helped with outbreaks, seemed to have a good effect, i experienced overdrying which may have spread them a tiny bit (however i did not dilute with water)
-grapefruit seed extract aka GSE - really seemed to prevent outbreaks when applied 2x day, but I skipped a few days and boom another outbreak

I applied apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball, just a small amount and wrung it out about halfway - applied directly to wart and secured with a band-aid

Band aids work really well beacause the padded part in the middle does not get soaked with vinegar and helps everything stay in place (regular tape did not work for me)

after leaving on for 30minutes, the warts turn white - i suggest removing the band aid in the shower b/c it helps with the adhesive

another 30 min application at night, continued for 2 days then the warts darken and become scabs - i let them be and they literally flaked right off

i know its not a cure but honestly the smell isnt that bad at all, its sooooo much less painful than other methods and it's not as much of a hassle as you might think

the vinegar did cause a slight sore when i tried leaving it on overnight (mistake) but it's about 90% cleared up with Neosporin

i do regret i waited so long to try this method but am pleased with the results so far - good luck!

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I'm confused about the band aide process.. How do you put a band aide if a wart is by the opening of the vagina?!!


I did everything you did except the bandaid I held it myself for 30 min n everything you said happen n worked!!!


I did the first step, they turned white and all. But now what do I do, put my pants back on? Then just do it two times a day for two more days and that's it?


mine is white in color but not removing what should i do ? what does white color means ?

D Jizzle

Guys I think you need to do it once in the morning or afternoon, then once again at night like he stated. Continue this for a couple days and see what happens. I am going to start this soon! and I will post again to confirm this. Thank you guy!


hi i wanted to ask about Neosporin..was it oral intake or what


where can you buy the ACV?

hope this helps.')

Acv is apple cyder vinegar. Suggested to use boggs or organic. White is good. Contine to soak until scabs and falls off. Then treat with antibacterial ointment. If acv is too painful, castrol oil is known to work also. Can mix with baking soda to make paste.keep covered several hours, roughly 4-6 and then cleanse. Tree oil is good ti rub on after cleanse for soothing.


Hi, i am a female and has a genital warts on my Labia Majora.. Its flatkind of warts, i have been diagnose of HPV warts last 2 years ago. I ask my OB-gyne if i could treat it right but she told me that let it like that for some wart just go away and some just remain like that.. But recently, i saw it and it like getting wider and also i can see that the lips of my vagina starting to change and its deforming because of the presence of the wart.. I tried to google things and i found this site, i tried to use ACV.. It been 2 weeks now and it turns white and oh my since i start using ACV i've noticed that those invisible warts showed up, i am so sad about it for i didn''t imagine that my wart is that worst :-( After 2 weeks od using ACV its became white it didn't truned black at all but how many times i've noticed that some whitish thing fells off but still alot remains, it itching but i haven't experience scabbing for i don't let it stay overnight, only 20 mins per night for its too painful, burning like hell almost lost my breat and fainted myself.. Shoul i still continue? Thank you

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