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Eat an apple, I swear it works. My husband gets heart burn like literally every night. He eats an apple and its gone.

Also, keep in mind laying on your back makes it worse.

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Fiji - heartburn

Thank you for your advise. Heartburn woke me up at 1am and I couldn't go sleep because of the pain - drank water, and grape juice (guess this makes it worst). I stayed up suffered in pain and tried to read some article on heartburn, then came across this page. Tried one apple and now I felt much better at 3:50am. Thank you so much... it works on me perfectly.


Thank you So much for this GREAT advice. I Just ate an apple about 5 minutes ago and its slowly going away. I've been having heartburn everyday for the past 4 days now and NEVER had it my whole life. I'm starting to wonder why, its quite painful so I'm so happy I seen your post.


I get really bad relfux & heartburn pretty much everyday to the point where I am taking 4-6 Gavascon a day (not the lifestyle someone at 22 or anyone else for that matter should be living). Recently doctor prescribed me with Nexium, which I started today.

Meanwhile, been looking for that one home remedy that can do a quick lasting cure, so I don't have to result to taking Gavascon so often.

Just ate my apple and I must say I could feel it working even as I was chewing, its been about 10 mins now so I definitely can feel it reducing, thanks for the tip!


Just had my husband eat an apple for his heartburn and now he's sound asleep...lucky him!
Thank you for the suggestion.

Uncle John

Every night Wells clearly the apples arent working then !!


Thank you so much for this! An apple helped me 100% with my heartburn! So happy I came upon your post thanks!!!


FOR ME apples DO NOT WORK. On the contrary, they provoke heartburn. Indeed, they may help for several minute, but then it is worse. Probably, organisms differ.


Just ate an apple..... Heartburn calmed down..... Still there but no where near as bad and has calmed for a good 30 mins and now it is slowly fading. I've had this bout for around 1 hour so if its fading now that's great news! I usually have it really bad for 3-4 hours! The apple makes it worse at first but after some time it makes the burning ease off.


Thank you! Had severe heartburn. It hurt to breathe. I ate an apple and it went away within 20 minutes! Thank you!


Apple seemed to work for me. Sat up to sleep just in case. I wonder if the type of apple matters?

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