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So I read on here for a while and in the comments I saw someone comment about selsun blue (the dandruff shampoo) on how they put that in there hair, left it for 30 mins or so and it killed the lice and nits, it worked. So I figured I would give it a try tonight with my daughter and myself.... And it really did kill all the lice and nits on our heads. I was so relieved by this. We have been dealing with it for a while now and its been driving us crazy. Going to redo the same process in a few days.. now that's SELSUN BLUE (the dandruff shampoo). You lather that into your hair. Leave it for about 25 to 30 minutes, then you rinse and comb out and/or have someone help pick out the dead nits and what not.. then repeat process in a few days.

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a happy mother

well i am so glad that you put that up on here cause there is five of us in the house and two of them are bringing them home from school so i am going to have to go buy me some and do that. so does it take the nits/eggs out easy or should i still use vinger for that after the shampoo? thank you so much


Did u wet hair first

A poor little girl with lice

Do you wet your hair first?


I may consider trying this too. Vinegar also helps to get the nits out too! Thank you


I can attest to this! My son has brought lice home 5 TIMES this school year! We couldn't figure out why my husband was the only one not getting it. He has a scalp condition and uses Selsun Blue Medicated regularly and has NEVER had lice when all the rest of us did. I started having everyone use it and voila! more lice! YAY!


Will head and shoulders work to

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