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I have extremely bad cramps every single month and it usually lasts from the day before I start my period and lasts for the next 3 days.

One thing which is great is a heating pad. Or anything that attains to heat, hot bath, etc.

Also once you feel the cramps start to come, exercise. I know -- Dreadful. But it does work.

Exercising gets your blood flowing and alleviates your blood from just flowing down there. Running or jogging is the best thing you can do. You could also try just running in place for atleast 20 minutes. If you don't want to do that, do sit-ups. It's kind of annoying as you do it and might hurt a little but it's a must.

I know this is a home rememdy website and thats why I didn't mention any medications however, I take alieve and that always helps me. 1 pill for 12 hours.

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