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The best way to get rid of fleas in a lot less expensive way is giving your pet a bath in dawn blue dish detergent. Make sure its the Blue kind!!!You will literally see the fleas come off of them.
If you have them in your house too you can also steam clean your carpet with it, as well as washing your clothes and furniture in it too.
When washing your clothes you add it to your original laundry detergent and only add a little because dish detergent is very soapy.
Once there gone get Frontline so your pet does not get them back or just in case you missed one throughout your house. Yes, its a little expensive but it's literally the only thing that works.
When my dog had fleas my vet suggested the blue soap and also frontline, she also told me to avoid anything else but it just DOES NOT WORK. I don't even know why they sell it.

But I promise you, from experience this works.

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that post by cassie at 2013, 03-22,, just does not make any sence,, she says first to get this and then says her vet says to get this and its the only thing that work ,,,,and then says it doesn't work and she don't know why they sell it,,, please can you be a little more less confusing and explain what you just said??? use the dawn blue and frontline or not use blue dawn and frontline????

Cynthia Francis

may I suggest before using this remedy, that you research the up to date information regarding popularly used chemical based treatments on pets. New research has shown these chemicals are causing severe to fatal reaction from our pets. Have heard about and medallion using 'scalar waves' to protect the animal from ticks fleas etc....


Frontline has been recalled.


Neem oil for fleas ticks and other bug bites. All natural and won't harm your pets. You can mix the a few drops of the oil with dr. Bronners or another organic shampoo. No chemicals and healthier pets. Baking soda sprinkled on carpet and left overnight will kill the fleas. Keep in mind this is all okay for you and your children. When you apply chemical repellents that vets recommend your children pet the animals and everyone is exposed to toxic chemicals.


I have always used orange Ajax.... Works exactly like you say and cleaning all bedding where the cat lays with a sticky lint brush.... Then washing all the laundry. As for the carpet/floors I always just keep my daily routines. Both of my cats are indoor/outdoor cats and this works for me.


Scalar waves!!! Lmao!!! Might as well wash your dog in kangen water.

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