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Omg omg omg! So, I have reoccurring BV and I usually just go get antibiotics when it re emerges. This last time I decided that I didn't want to waste the time or money if seeing a doc when I already knew what it was. Also, the overuse of antibiotics can cause your body to become immune over time. I came to this site and read over some remedies, but one that caught my eye was the vitamin c post. I went immediately to the store, bought vitamin C tablets 500mg, vitamin D3 5000 IU, and folic acid. When I got home, I douched with 50% regular hydrogen peroxide (3%) and 50% water (using a douche bottle). I then inserted a vitamin C tablet into my vagina. I went to bed and when I woke up... Smell Gone! Strange discharge Gone! Didn't use vitamin D and folic acid until this morning after my pleasant surprise. I also read that lessening your the sugar in your diet plus drinking water will help balance your body, but this was definitely a quick fix and relief. Oh yea, make sure it says no yeast, milk, sugar, etc. before you buy it. Some vitamins have this for flavoring and can cause major outrage in your vagina.

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Thanks for the info! I have to say, your comment of 'major outrage in your vagina' made me laugh! Please wish me luck getting rid of this thing...

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