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Hello ladies!!!!

I wanted to write in here because I myself suffered from BV for almost 3 years. I'm engaged and we have been together for almost 5 years. A lot of people say that BV is from sex, when I know this isn't true however, having sex can make it worse if you already have it from the sperm. So if you have BV and your trying everything to get rid of it, don't have sex until its gone.

I myself continued having sex because I was trying to have a baby however, once I stopped I noticed a little bit of a change. Not much but a little.

I Went to the doctors numerous times and the doctors kept prescribing me Metro- something. lol. I cant remember the name. Anyway, it would go away the first day of the medicine but right after the medicine was gone it came right back.

So the last time I went to the doctors. I took the medicine for 7 days and as soon as it was gone I started taking acidophilus pills. It said to take 1 but I took 2. 1 in the morning and 1 at night.

I also ate yogurt every single day and lots of vegetables more than usual. The yogurt I was eating also contained acidophilus, however I wasn't eating the plain kind because I'm not so big on yogurt. Also try to stay away from sugar, not all sugar because your body does need sugar however, if you can cut your intake of sugar in half that's awesome. Because bad bacteria thrives off sugar. I myself had a hard time with that. I drink atleast a 2 liter of mountain dew a day. But if your struggling with BV anything is worth trying.

I have been clean for almost 6 months!!!!

The reason why this medicine the doctors are prescribing to you is only working for the time you're taking it is because it's killing all of the bacteria, good and bad. So when your bacteria comes back it's nothing but bad. Taking the acidophilus right after your antibiotics will help restore the good bacteria before the bad bacteria has time to take over your vagina.

A lot of you like to douche with vinagar and water, or hydrogen peroxide but I'm telling you it's not good for your body. It even says it right on the bottle, DO NOT USE INTERNALLY!! Now I'm not going to say that it doesn't cure people, even myself I tried it but I do know that it made it worse for other people because it pushed the bacteria farther up them and actually cause an infection in there ovaries.

I know everyone who has BV cannot stand it and doctors don't seem to help but If you follow my advice I can almost promise you it will work.

Now some of you may ask, Do you have to take acidophilus for the rest of your life? I'm not sure too be honest. I've been BV free for 6 months however, I still take acidophilus pills, I have went down to a smaller live count at 100 million live culture cells, and was taking 1 billion for about 3 months right after the antibiotics. but I dont want it back so I continue to take it. I know it won't hurt you, it only makes you healthier, and really it's not that expensive so why take the risk.

I went through so much hell trying to get rid of it, taking the pills, folic acid and acidohphilus, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar douches, yogurt suggestions, literally everything you can possibly think of I've done it.

So do what I have suggested, it won't hurt you to try and please keep me updated. If I can help one person, I will feel good, because I know it's a pain in the ass.

Also, another thing, if your man is willing, suggest having him take a probiotic as well. So that way when he does ejaculate inside of you his sperm is a little more healthier for your vagina.

Well I hope I've helped, please let me know ladies, I'll check back everyday or so. Thank you.

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Ivw been struggling with this since i pregnant. Its been almost 5 years and ive never been able vet rid of it im going to try everything you suggested because like you, ive tried it all and i did not know sex made it worse. Ive had the same partner for 10 years and we had no idea how to get rid of this. I was on the same damn medicarion ive taken it i dont know how many times w no results. Im tryung what you suggested. I do anything tl get rid of this! Thank you so much for having the guts to share. :)


No problem, I hope it works. & yes sex makes it worse. It doesn't cause BV like some people say because there are people who have it who never even had sex but having sex with it actually makes it worse. Please let me know if it works. I hope it does.


Does your husband ejaculated in you now that your bv free? If so did it come back? I've been suffering with bv for a year and my fiance and I want to try for a baby but with this bv its frustrating. I was told semen imbalances my ph levels and I have to live with this forever. I really want a child but I'm a little discouraged with this infection.


Yes he does ejaculate inside me now. However when I had it he stopped doing that and just ejaculated on me. I too was trying for a baby. But honestly, you don't want to be pregnant with BV. It's also harder to get pregnant when you have it as well. I found that out when I was trying to conceive and always wondered why I couldn't and then my doctor told me it's very rare for you to get pregnant when you have BV. Also, it is true that semen has an effect on your PH balance. But, if you do as I suggested you should be just fine. Also, like I stated in the post having your fiance' take a probiotic to can only help. That way when you are cured it has an even lesser chance of coming back.


Oh and for everyone to know, I'm still BV free.

Norma Jean

Found your post interesting. I haven't had BV since chemo in 2007. Before that I didn't have the issue as much as some of the posts I have read. I always went to the doctor. I don't like douching because it really offsets my body. Then I end up going back and forth with yeast infections and BV. So douching is OUT! Going to try your remedy.


It's ok to use Peroxide inside because our vajay produces peroxide too. The reason why it smelled because we lack of peroxide inside to maintain the balance and bad bacteria overgrow. So basically its safe to use! Its my life saver!

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