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dr momma

My son gets horrible rashes if he eats or drinks to much stuff like anything with orange juice or tomato sauce. I had him checked by a doctor to see about food allergies but it was a no. Nothing they prescribed would help his diaper rash. Closest thing was Boudreauxs red tube sold in stores did great. Cleared it up by the next day. Im talking red, raw, bleeding blusters gone by the morning. But then one time of pooping after it heals and it was back. My mom recommend filling the bath tub with water and dumping baking soda in. Let him play for a good little bit and dry him off. Use corn starch like baby powder and pour in his diaper then dust his butt with it. I promise you NOTHING worked such a miracle as this. So i took a empty baby powder container and filled it with corn starch. We put a puff with every diaper change. It works like a dream.

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I did the exact same thing with each of my six children one time or another. Learned it from my Irish grandmother. Even worked for prickly heat rash.


Cornstarch works great but you have to be sure it isent a yeast type of rash cause if it is Cornstarch feeds the rash as opposed to cures it .. Just an FYI


Corn starch is also known as corn flour

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