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I've been on antibiotics for a throat and ear infection. And of course, as I expected, I started experiencing symptoms of a yeast infection -_-. I started looking up a few home remedies, and I know it's a pain to go out and buy a bunch of random ingredients that you may not have at home and that may not work. Hell, with yeast infections it's a pain to move anywhere. So here's what i did.

I took a papertowl (because I don't have any tampons and they're rather uncomfortable for me) made it damp with water, unfolded it and poured the following onto it, garlic salt (i figured this would work better than just regular salt), garlic powder (the more garlic the merrier lol.), apple cider vinegar (i just so happened to have this. i use it to cleanse my natural hair), and regular white vinegar. I folded the paper towel back up. At this point the paper towel started to dry out so I added a few drops of more water to it and rolled it/folded it until it almost looked like a tampon, or something I could insert into my vagina. I put it up there, and now I have some relief, sitting here typing this up. I figured all of the ingredients should do something to combat the yeast and hopefully kill it.

Also, I drank water and added some red cayenne pepper and garlic salt or powder. That also could have helped. I figured I'll continue this regimen throughout the day and see how it goes. So far so good! Oh, and the salt and vinegar doesn't burn. :) just relief! Also, when folding the papertowel for insertion, try to make sure the area that the ingredients are on will be the main part of the papertowel that will be inserted. Unless you decide to drench the papertowl in the ingredients, then you'll be good to go!

I feel pretty normal right now. Minus the feeling of a papertowl up my wooha, i feel functionalable! If you want to try this method with a tampon, just make sure you coat it with an oil like coconut oil so the tampoo doesn't absorb the ingredients.

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Does that stink? You'd think from all those ingredients your vagina would be stinking foot weeks!!


I just tried dis I was relieved instantly only difference is I put the ingredients in a douch I don't stink I flushed out with pure water after the mixture wish I would've read this hrs ago


I tried this and it worked amazingly! The itch and discomfort is completely subsided and I can deal with my life again!!, I did however, shove a piece of real garlic up there for a minute or so... Took it out then just soaked a tampon in vinegar and added seasalt around the outside of the tampon so it stuck on. Inserted for 15 mins and half hour later BAM! I could breath again. Its been 12 hours and not a single symptom!


So grateful for the Internet!!
I'm home alone with my baby, so no one to relieve me for a trip to the drugstore...

Just applied plain yogurt to the outside of my vag, a pantyliner and papertowel doing duty while I write this...
Just also crushed a little garlic clove into a little bowl of apple cider vinegar with a dash of sea salt, dipped a tampon into it quickly (so it wasnt so saturated that I couldnt insert the little bugger),
And, voila!
Its been 3 minutes.
Some *tingling* which feels about right, but no stinging like some others on the site, thank goodness.
Childbirth def opened me up to shamelessness of putting salad dressing soaked tampon into my vagine. Its better than 10 minutes ago, and I'm going to pour myself an epsome salt bath after about 10 more minutes of this.
The yoghurt has relieved some of the itching, in a cooling way you might ecxpect.
Loooove to all the ladies with itchy vaginas.

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