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John Wakamoto

A teaspoon of honey raw helps releave throat inflamation.

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This is crazy... It works! I wasn't too sure but after reading the comments thought I'd try it. I have 25 flavored honey sticks from Pike's Market in Seattle so... Thank you so much.


About to try it right now... I drank a lil too much last night and threw up then passed out...I think the acid burned my throat =( I love honey..excited to try this! OK. I feel 99% better. I can sleep now :) Thanks so much. Oh btw, I used 3 tsp. lmao. mostly cause it was delish.


wow i had tried everything and was losing hope but this one was easy and it really works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pained throat

I tried it, it seemed like it worked at first but now I feel a burning and itching in my throat, not to mention heartburn!!! I guess it only works for the lucky folks out there! Now im trying another remedy: hot grapefruit juice with honey, hope that works!


I tired it and it didn't work. I was mad but then I realized that my wife bought a bear of IMITATION honey. Oh drat


it helped a little bit for a few minutes and then my throat felt just as bad as it did before i tried it. :(


It worked but the taste is horrible!! Exspecially after u brush it teeth!!

Alissa DiLicia

This really works!
Thank you so so so so so so much!
I have had this sore throat for the past 4 days, and I have tried several different remedies!
Yours is the best, very convenient, very delicious!
=D Thank you so much! Everyone who reads thins comment, this really works!


i hope that it works have tried so many other remedies and it just doesn't seem to work last thing i tried was the spoonful of peanut butter and it helped for maybe five minutes i have had thia sore throat for 5 days and know i can barely talk

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