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John Wakamoto

A teaspoon of honey raw helps releave throat inflamation.

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i tried it and i must say i felt some relief immediately..thank u very much!


yeah!!i even tried it and it worked.i mixed black peper in it for futher relief and must say got a relief frm my pain...


that actually worked, i was a bit skeptical at first but it coated my throat and it was all gone. thank you very much


i have a very severe sore throat, and the sugar in the honey actually stung my tonsils and throat. everyone reccomends it though. it works for normal sore throats though.


great for immediate relief, but doesn't last very long. Then again, i like honey and could take it over and over, so no big deal here.


Well, it worked great for the first couple of swallows. Then I ran out of honey...

paul til you run out of honey.. like the other person said.


omg! we were in such a dilemma because we had a pool party today so we tried to get rid of our sore throats AND THIS WORKS SO WELL!!!


I will try it right now thanks


I just tried it and it really does work.

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