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This really works! Rub Vicks (or cheap equivalent) on your feet and put socks on over the top at bedtime! Sounds totally daft, I know, but somehow it works! I was coughing continuously until midnight and later these last three nights, so got up and applied the Vicks and socks...slept like a baby right through to morning each night! After weeks of broken sleep I now feel great! I like to think I am not too thick in the brains department, and only desperation made me even try this Old Wives' Tale remedy, but something makes it work...and who cares WHY it works if it really DOES?!!

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This remedy my mom would use on us when we were kids, and now I use on mine. Because it really does work.


What a savior! It works and it worked istantly! Thank you so much.


This really does work. My husband told me and I passed it on to my aunt who was taking care of my grandparents. They were in their late 80s and she didn't give them a lot of medicine. She was so grateful as it also helped them to sleep peacefully through the night. Works with my kids too.


Has anyone tried this during the day instead of just at night?


It's works


Thank you so much for this, in my mind I was saying it won't work but after a few minutes of putting it on I fell asleep straight away!


When I read this it tickled me but at the same time put some doubt and curiosity in me.. I had been searching for home cures for the darn cough I had.. wouldn't let me sleep so I got up one night tried it laid down waited and waited to hear myself cough again but fortunately I fell asleep like a baby waking up to a morning well rested after not sleeping for three nights.. thanks this really worked for me :)


So my 3 year old daughter just got this bad cough from her 5 year old brother. His cough is gone but her's just got worst. I decided to try this because my grandmother used to give us vicks for everything (it was the cure all medicine). So i put it on her feet with socks and her coughing stopped, not completely, but instead of her coughing every 2-3 minutes...she's now coughing maybe 1-2 an hour. It also is not a harsh cough anymore (it sounded like she was about to throw up). She's now resting in bed and sounding a lot better!


I've been using this method for years. I've used it on myself, my children now my grandchildren. I had only used vapor rub until i found an rub with eucalyptus, lavender and menthol. It's not as strong for my 4 yr old grandson. I spread a thick layer of it on his feet tickling as I went put on thick socks and he was cough free for about 5-6 hrs and was able to get some sleep. I also rub some on his chest and he loves to breath it in. No OTCs for this grandma.

Sharon E U Jones

I swear by Vicks for many things.

Well have had this annoying dry tickly cough for a few days.

It is morning, just rubbed Vicks on soles of my feet n a little on my thrat.

Guess what????

Cough has subsided. I can breathe in and no cough. Would have been good last night at work!

Saved some $$, don't have to go to pharmacy and buy some OTC medicine.

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