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This really works! Rub Vicks (or cheap equivalent) on your feet and put socks on over the top at bedtime! Sounds totally daft, I know, but somehow it works! I was coughing continuously until midnight and later these last three nights, so got up and applied the Vicks and socks...slept like a baby right through to morning each night! After weeks of broken sleep I now feel great! I like to think I am not too thick in the brains department, and only desperation made me even try this Old Wives' Tale remedy, but something makes it work...and who cares WHY it works if it really DOES?!!

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Kathy AUS

Yep this is awesome, use it with my kids every winter cold!


Yes. This home remedy really works!


It didn't work for my great grandson and it is not working for me either.

Michele SD

I just did this last night after coughing for hours, I slept through the night... Amazing! I'm so happy!!! Thank you thank thank you!!!

Michele SD

Btw when you used the Vicks make sure you put at least a nickel size amount all over your feet including between the toes. I think it has something to do with our pressure points. I also used cotton booty socks too... It stop my coughing almost immediately... Weird!!!


Well I tried this last night. I got to sleep. But still coughing. So I am going to do it again tonight and for a few more nights and see what happens. I hope it helps. I really cant take this cough anymore. I am taking all kinds of med's an still nothing is helping. I don't smoke never have. But I have a bad cough. I just need it to go away. I am embarrass if I have to go out in public.


Vicks says right on the label that its a cough suppressant.




It does work depending on the root of the cough, as your feet are full of pressure points, some of which are connected to your throat, lungs, and chest area. The Vick's treats the pressure points just like it would treat those areas, and allows the active ingredients to do its magic!


Thank you sooo much Lucy.... it worked for me...

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