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This really works! Rub Vicks (or cheap equivalent) on your feet and put socks on over the top at bedtime! Sounds totally daft, I know, but somehow it works! I was coughing continuously until midnight and later these last three nights, so got up and applied the Vicks and socks...slept like a baby right through to morning each night! After weeks of broken sleep I now feel great! I like to think I am not too thick in the brains department, and only desperation made me even try this Old Wives' Tale remedy, but something makes it work...and who cares WHY it works if it really DOES?!!

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YES! Been using this on myself and my kids for years! Don't know how it works, but it sure does!


This didn't work for me I tried I had all the same symptoms as other post I saw I am last straw nothing helps ugh


cooooolllloooollllloooooo gay


didnt work for me either


It might 'distract' you from the tickling sensation that triggers the cough perhaps. A bit like tiger balm (which makes your skin feel hot) for insect bites... maybe!


Doesn't work for smokers or ppl with asthma I tried it and it worked for me thanks :)


This really did work & I'm a smoker. I put it on last night and after 4 nights of not being able to sleep I slept like a baby last night. Thanks for share'n.


Wow!!! This is the coolest little trick!! I had been up coughing my head off for 3 days and nights ( nights worse, of course)...took cough med's...nothing was working. Read this tonight, and though 'What is gonna hurt to try?' Well, I tried...and it worked like a charm!!! Thank you for posting....I now have some relief!!!


Works for me!! Thank goodness I am finally getting some sleep


Read your vicks trick, my wife cough started in the early hours of the morning. I told her about the vicks & it helped.

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