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I had a planter wart on my right heal for years. Pain when walking, running even standing was a problem. My feet sweat so it just added to the difficulty. This is what I did and I have never had another planter wart again. I bought Cascade Powder. I would sprinkle less then a teaspoon inside the heal area of shoe. I did this everyday and especially made sure I used extra in my gym shoes. Honestly, I can not tell you how long it took but it is GONE. It was the size of a quarter. I did notice within the first few days small black spots. Actually I almost forgot, Wow it’s been awhile. What I thought was just one was actually 3. Right foot heal, the ball and some place else, so I made sure I sprinkled enough to cover all areas.

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What kind of powder is Cascade powder? As in, what is it normally used for? Are you talking dishwashing powder...what..?

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