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Maawa Evan

This treatment is for Muslims only.
'And verily we have kept the peace of heart in our rememberence.' So do as much zikr (rememberence of Allah) as you can.
For every Command of Allah there is some time, place and limit, but for His Zikr, there is no such condition. 'The wise are in fact those who remember Him standing, sitting and lying down.' 'And when you finish prayer spread on the earth, find the sustenance of Allah but don't forget to remember Him even in your work places.' One should fix the time also in the morning and evening to remember Allah.
In remembering Allah three things are most useful. Third Kalima (subhanallah, alhamdulillah, la ilaha illa Allah Allah u Akbar, darood (prayer of blessing upon Muhammad (saaw))and istighfar (asking for forgivenss of your sins to Allah)

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