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Maawa Evan

According to Islamic teachings following are helpful to eliminate your anger.
1. Seek refuge of Allah against Satan, coz anger is from the whispering of Satan.
2. Change your posture. For example sit if standing, lie down if sitting.
3. Do ablution, i.e. washing your open parts of body.

The follwoing is from my own experience.
1. Change the topic.
2. Start thinking at something else and leave the source of anger to be settled when calm.
3. Don't expect perfection in this world, perfection will be in Jannah alone.
4. Don't expect perfection from human beings, as they are combinatin of good and evil both.
5. Think that even I am not free from defects and shortcomings.
6. Think that this unpleasant situation is due to my own violatoin of some Divine Law. So ask forgiveness from Allah.
7. Discover your limitations and learn modesty and humbleness at such times.

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