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Oil pulling has saved my teeth. I had five broken teeth not counting the ones I had already lost completely and I was getting a hole on a front tooth when I started oil pulling. I had been suffering for about 20 years with these broken teeth causing frequent miserable tooth aches. A few years ago, after reading a post here recommending washing the mouth with oil I looked up 'oil pulling' it got rid of the toothache I had at the time and daily oil pulling has stopped my tooth decay completely. My broken teeth have grown from chips to stubs. I have no pain and no further decay. The most effective home remedy I have ever tried.

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I have the worst toothache ever... right now its my bottom tooth..its been broke off for a while now.and the pain started last night and lasted all jaw is swollen I can barely swallow..its killing me and I don't know what to what is the oil treatment?? Like what kind of oil and how would I do this?? Please someone let me know...***April***


Please tell me what this Oil pulling is? I have the worst tooth ache ever, i've gone to the dentist and they say it needs to be pulled, but they can't do this for at least a week because i am swollen. They have given me antibiotics and pain reliever, but i need to get back to work and can't function taking the pain medicine. Please, tell me what this Oil Pulling, I have never heard of this before.



I have periodontal disease, and oil pulling has done wonders for me. I use coconut oil, though it makes me gag.

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