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A teaspoonof mustard works great. Also try DARK chocolate.

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Taylor Swift

OMG!! This worked great. The mustard was nasty, but it worked wonders. The dark chocolate was better tasting tho....Both are wonderful. Thank You soo much.

aunt flo

(Mustard) Thank you!!! So much for sharing this, I have severe cramps each month and my old remedies don't work so its nice to know there is something new out there that works.


Mustard has been working for me for years. I just take 2 tablespoons full & they are gone for days. Got to where I started eating all my sandwichs with heavy on the mustard.


I have had constant cramps at night (every night for some months). On Monday night I had 2 very painful bouts, which I relieved by doses of magnesium. I tried a tableful of mild English mustard last night (on the advice of googlers and Lo and Behold! it did the trick - went through cramp free. Old grandfathers tale maybe, but it worked. Our grand fathers did not have easy acess to Chemists but they certainly knew a thing or two.

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