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If you are above age 21, and you currently have an abcess tooth with pain that just refuses to subside... you can take a swig of Jaegermeifter, swish it around on the infected area, and spit it out, and your pain will be gone in the time frame of about 3 minutes (always sooner for me).One little airplane bottle is around 6hrs of pain relief.

The downside to this however is that it will increase swelling by the time you wake up from a pain-relieved nap. although it has always helped to bring the infection back to the tooth in question for me, i have always been able to drain it myself so far due to this, making sure to eject all infectious... saliva. This remedy is not for those with weak a stomach, it is a last resort if you cannot get to a dentist right away and are in much need of pain relief or rest.

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The best natural way to rid the infection of absess is Golden Seal Root.
I've used Nature's Way and within days all is gone. Amazing well with Flu and Cold.


If one is going the route of a liquor swish, one might prefer to stay away from using sugary alcohol drinks...Whiskey, it seems, is a traditional remedy, particularly strong whiskey. Vodka-flavored (plain) vodka has no added caramel (burnt sugar) color or flavor. As tempting as it may be, one is advised to spit out the swish -- *NOT* to swallow. ... This, of course, is meant as temporary relief. ... Caveat: This post-er has no formal medical training and does not mean to endorse such or any advice at this time, but only to relay anecdotally what one has heard is/has been done.

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