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Being a chronic sufferer of yeast infections, I've got a number of home remedies. Either way, it's a two step process- first you need to kill the yeast, then you need to repopulate good bacteria so the yeast can't move back in.

To Kill Yeast (choose at least one)
1. douche with tea of garlic & oregano (neem, tea tree, & lots of other herbs also work, but do your research!) I also add a splash of vinegar.
2.Garlic oil pills vaginally.
3. use boric acid capsules vaginally.
4. insert fresh garlic cloves vaginally. I sew a thread thru it and scratch up the outside to release the oil. People say to do it at night but it stays in just like a tampon. Heck I had one in at a music festival and didn't miss a beat; its a lot messier than most of these. Change frequently for effectiveness.
5. mix coconut oil with boric acid, garlic oil, a drop of tea tree oil, acidophilous, etc and refrigerate until it becomes solid and then you can insert the mixture.
6. buy Yeast Arrest. i buy them on luckyvitamin (website). They can also be used preventatively, especially if you are prone to YI's at certain times of the month.

Ok, so after you've done at least one of those things, you need to get the good bacteria back in you to fight off future candida. This can be achieved by inserting yogurt, acidophilus pills or other probiotics. Generally, I fill a douche with straight yogurt, but sometimes I add a drop of tea tree, garlic or oregano oil right in the tip.

Other things to remember-
Diet! Don't eat sugar! Don't forget about the sugar in fruit & especially processed foods. Eat lots of yogurt, garlic and fresh vegetables.

Air circulation is important. Only 100% cotton panties, or go without if you can. When you're at home, go commando in a skirt if you can- it really makes a big difference. Carry spare panties so you can change 'em when they're damp. My gyno told me that YI's are super common during the summer here (Arizona- it gets 120!) because wearing sweaty underwear is just as bad as sitting around in a wet swimsuit. Also, heat grows yeast; try to stay cool.

Athlete's foot is another form- if you have it, put your socks on before you step into your underwear, don't sit on your feet, careful with your towel, etc.

One last thing to consider- women are typically prone to YI during fluctuations in hormones. Women with overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) are especially prone. Raspberry leaf (aka raspberry nettle) is a great supplement for women & is even reputed to be safe during pregnancy. I notice a big change in my hormones (ie crazy pms or break stuff time) when I take it regularly. Raspberry leaf comes in tea, pills or tincture (liquid).

You can fight this thing, so don't give up! Do the garlic cloves at night for a couple days after it clears up if you get them chronically and avoid sugar at all costs. Chances are, you get strong sugar cravings when you have a yeast infection, because the yeast wants you to feed it.

Ok, I don't want to ramble on but didn't want to forget anything. My heart really goes out to the girls who posted on here about being too embarrassed to go to the doctor. It is a medical problem, and its not your fault. If you need to go see someone, please do, but I hope this is helpful.

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Out of all of these postings your was the most helpful. I felt like the only one suffering with the chronic YI. Once again, thank you!!!


Garlic in any form or shape should be applied inside of your mouth, eyes or vagina or your neck it is very dangerous it make a hole in your skin, is not for internal use.


Go to the health food store and buy Yeastaway and Pearl probiotic YB. Insert Yeast away for 7 nights per the instructions. Also take the pearl probiotic 1 daily before bed. I take 1 first thing in the morning and also 1 before bed. It cleared up my chronic yeast infection. This probiotic has strains specifically for vagina. It has a capsule that allows the good bacteria to get to your small intestine where the problem is. It will strengthen your vagina. You will feel healthy down there again.


My doctor actually recommended the garlic for future infection... Will try, Great post!

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