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If you have cavities but no money to get them fixed, here's what to do: put 10 drops of iodine in a small amount of warm water and swish in your mouth. Spit it out! Do this many times a day until the toothache stops. This can take several days but it helps even the first day or two.

Then slowly cut back on the amount of iodine until you are using on 1 drop of iodine once a day for maintenance. WARNING!! Cut back slowly (over weeks or months) or the tooth pain will return. If you want to stop you must get your cavities fixed by a dentist.

The treatment will control deep cavities but not cure them. I suppose that's because they are too deep for the iodine to reach. So you should get big cavities fixed when you can afford it. But it will completely cure small cavities!!

I have done this for 25 years with no problems. Sometimes I use organic iodine but usually just the stuff from the drugstore which is much cheaper.

A dentist told me, 'You have a lot of healed cavities in your mouth. That's unusual'. I told him what I'd been doing and he said, 'Iodine is a treatment we use to reduce cavities'. Wow, I didn't know anything about that. Apparently, the teeth are soaked in iodine at the semi-annual checkup and this reduces the number of cavities that form before the next checkup. So my home remedy is the same thing only done daily using smaller amounts of iodine.

Dentists have also told me that my mouth is very healthy so the iodine hasn't hurt me over 25 years of use. I have told this remedy to others and it has helped them, too.

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