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After having to take antibiotics for six weeks due to a kidney infection, I found a few weeks later whilst having sex the most rancid odour filled the room. I honestly thought the cats food bowl had been knocked over. To my utmost horror, it was coming from me :( I'm 27 years old and had never experienced anything like it. Thrush, yes and two or three uti's.

A check up at the doctors confirmed bacterial vaginosis. Like many people here I was prescribed metrogel, yes it worked, until my period came, then it returned with a vengeance. I tried again with the gel but again after my period it would just come back.

So, after many desperate hours of trawling the Internet for causes and cures I found many variations. What I summed up was that; it returned after my period or sex (with ejaculation inside) because blood and semen 7-8 are more alkaline ph than your vagina. It should be slighlty acidic 3.5 - 4 So blood and semen make a level of ph which allows bad bacteria to flourish.

I may have gone to the extremes in treating this, as I read some are cured by just a few steps and others it keeps coming back. These are the steps I took.

1- wax or shave the entire area. I don't know if this helps pysically, but mentally you feel cleaner.

2- hydrogen peroxide, 3%. Unable to buy a douche I simply used a water bottle. This stuff is amazing, it bubbles and fizzes when it encounters bad bacteria. So the first time I used it it fizzed out of me like a rocket! The good bacteria actually produces a little hydrogen peroxide themselves.
The smell disappeared instantly :) use it in the morning

3- tea tree oil, this is a natural antiseptic. It will also kill bacteria. Put a few drops on a tampon and insert it. It may feel a little cool and smells but it is good. Use it at lunch time a few hours after the h.p. for a out an hour.

4- douche with a mix of warm water and apple cider vinegar. About half half, more water if it stings. This restores an acidic environment. In the evening. (It smells but not as bad as rotten fish tank)

5- insert a probiotic VAGINAL capsule, they're found in the feminine hygiene area of some chemists. These aren't the same as the oral ones.
Do it after the apple cider vinegar.

These are the steps I followed every day for a week after my period. After that I did the hydrogen peroxide twice a week and just the capsules.

Along side these steps I also tackled it from the other end. I took - many vitamins
Women's multi vitamin
Folic acid 400mcg twice a day
Vitamin d
Probiotics, orally, they must be the refrigerated kind as these are the live ones.
Cranberry capsules.
vitamin c
Fish oil

Not all of these were aimed at eliminating the b.v but I thought it couldn't hurt. Folic acid, vitamin d, the multi vitamin and the oral probiotics seemed to come up in a lot of other people's suggestions.

I tried inserting vitamin c instead of using apple cider vinegar, it is acidic too and less hassle. But it did make me itch.

The first time I tried to do all these steps I was a little slack and skip a day or skip the apple cider. Because it did seem I was cured....but it kept coming back after my period :( so I ensured I did it every day for a week, then twice every week and after my period even if there wasn't any signs.

It has really helped, after my last period it's been two weeks and no smell so far :)

My partner has also refrained from ejaculating inside me. It think this has helped too.

Also I bought natural, oranic pads and tampons. Using mostly pads throughout my period.

To everyone who has suffered this dreadful experience I hope it goes away for good.

It's taken me six months to really get rid of this, mostly due to the fact I was relieved of symptoms and stopped the steps. Don't stop keep going :) it will go away. Look after your body, restore your immune system from all fronts.

To add another health booster to this list, I tried a juice fast for one week, it's a challenge but wow, I looked easily five years younger and felt fantastic.

Good luck

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Thank you so much for your suggestions. I was just diagnosed and want to get rid of this!

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