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Hey everyone! So my boyfriend and i are BOTH suffering from tooth abcesses! We have both benefited greatly from this site :) He is now on penecillan(sp?) medication for the pain and to remove the abcess and will be getting his tooth pulled soon. Unfortunately for me, I have to wait another month because I am getting ready to move and I have a knee injury which prevents me from sitting comfortably in the dentist chair. But before my boyfriends pain meds kicked in (took about two days) he was near tears so i came to this site and read what everyone else suggested. Heres what I find works best: brush your teeth, pay special attention to the spot in pain. If it hurts to brush, do it gently as you can. Next use mouthwash, whatever kind you prefer. Personally I like to you a generic brand because i find then gentler and less harsh. Next try a 50/50 peroxide and water rinse. DO NOT SWALLOW. These steps are to make sure your mouth is clean or else the last step wont work. Lastly, the well beloved CLOVE OIL! Take a cotton ball or even a sall piece of tissue and pour oil onto it. You can soak it or just put it on a small area of the tissue/cotton ball. Place on affected area and hold or if possible, bite down. Stay like that until pain starts to subside and then remove. Within minutes your mouth should feel much better. I tried this with my boyfriend and he slept like a baby! Now my tooth was acting up so i did the same thing! I really hope this helps someone cause I know how bad the pain is so please try this, and get to a dentist asap! I'll be going as soon as my knee is better.
Get well soon! :)

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where can you get clove oil I really need to get it


Any grocery store :) it should be with all other cooking oils :) hope this helps! :)

tooth ach man

I will try that.but I need to ask someone something. I also have a tooth abcesses and I am using hot water and salt to rinse my mouth and the abcesses
then I brush like a guy that has never used n tooth brush.i use salt and tooth paste and then after I rinse with hot water and salt.the only thing that I don't understand is when I drink hot or cold drinks my tooth wants to die and I also don't see any swelling.i would probadly not stick n needle in my mouth cause I am &%**?><? scared of needles.
the pain is in the middle of two teeth where I had n filling so maybe its mu=y roots I don't if someone out there can help or give a word of advice I would be very gratefull. thank you


Somebody refer the woman with bad knee and abscess to this note -- fact -- knee is cause of abscess and abscess can make knee worse. Teeth are circuit breakers for body -- when circuits are overloaded the fuse/circuit breaker blows to protect body. Depending on Knee (left or right) I could tell her which tooth is causing probs. Tooth three - upper right side tooth third from and including last wisdom) reacts and controls anterior right elbow and anterior knee and anterior right ankle and foot and makes it thought to walk and bear weight on right pelvic area. If tooth is on Left side probs will be down left side of body. Work to heal and re-energize that side of body - when it is healed and better so will tooth get better. Do not do root canal -- if so you'll continue to have probs with elbows, hips, knees, ankles, and foot because root canal locks in bacteria under the root canal cap and it grows into continuous attack force against the energy points it should control. Check out dental site at 'WWW.SHDC.COM/AU/holistic Dentistry'. Choose the tooth that's acting up and an interactive map will light up showing rest of body being affected by bad tooth -- but which cam 1st? tooth or body part? answer - usually body part was begging for help and eventually blew out related circuit (i.e. Tooth) to get help.

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