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I was diagnosed in August 2012. The first outbreak then was horrible. I was in so much pain and there were few things that gave me much relief. However, i got a sitz bath and filled it with warm water and epson salt. That was so helpful when I would get home from work and needed some relief. I was taking the anti-viral medication my doctor had prescribed and prescription pain killers. If I didn't have the pain meds I don't know how I would have made it through. I suffered for about 3 weeks until it finally calmed down. I stayed outbreak free until January when I had another less intense outbreak. This outbreak has gone on ever since with no changes. I'm still on the anti-viral meds and have recently starting taking vitamins as well which include: l-lysine, zinc, magnesium, calcium, vitamin a, vitamin b-1, vitamin c, vitamin e, and echinacea. I have only been on these supplements for a few days and don't know how much they will help just yet.

I believe my biggest trigger has been stress and depression related to this diagnosis. It got worse when I lost my job a couple months back. Then on top of that my long term boyfriend is obviously afraid of being intimate with me now. We both don't know if he gave it to me or not and there is no way to know. He has been supportive but did say he worries about it sometimes too. Which is understandable. Regardless, I feel very much like damaged goods. I have spent years battling depression and this situation has not helped. I know it's my fault which only makes me more depressed. I will say that reading these posts have been helpful to not make me feel as alone in this disease. If anyone has any feedback on stress relief concerning this and/or topical treatments that may help with my current outbreak I'm all ears.

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I have had this since I was 24. I have a loving husband I've been married to for 30 years, 3 beautiful children, you will get through this, its just a bump in the road, your life is not over, just remember things happen for a reason, look for it. I too was upset at first, and scared, but trust me, there are worse things that could happen to you.


Witchazel reliieves soreness and itching nyal cold sore cream soothes and heals followed by a cream with acolovair to reduce the duration of the attack this method is extremely effective and you can live with gh quite comfortably


I’ve just gotten GH (or at least, just had my first outbreak) at age 45 – figured it out on my 45th birthday, in fact. Excruciatingly painful, but not so end-of-the-world as so many people seem to think (trust me – I have raised a daughter, on my own, and her little brother, through the hell of mental illness – after the cutting, the suicide attempts, the voices, the running away, all the fears for her…this is trivial, really). It’s a virus, with some uncomfortable symptoms. So, my first advice to you is calm down, and realize you don’t need to hate yourself for this. You don’t even know how you go it, so how you can say it’s your fault is beyond me. Illnesses are contagious, and this one is very sneaky – you can get it even with protected sex, from someone who has no idea they have it. Secondly, have you tried vitamin D for your depression? Or fish oil for anxiety? Vitamin D helps the intestines make serotonin, and I know for me it’s the difference between something being a little bump in the road or a complete roadblock in my life. And fish oil has been a miracle in controlling my daughter’s anxiety-based illness. It’s a little pricey, but Nordic Naturals is the way to go if you go for fish oil – the stuff is ultra pure. Anyway, hope this helps – you don’t deserve to be beating yourself up over this.

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