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I just mixed nighttime baby lotion, rubbing alcohol, pinesol, and mayo..... Bout to try this!!! And rinse with blue dawn and little bleach, then rosemary and mint shampoo and conditioner. I'll rinse and comb out the tangles, then use metal comb for nit removal!!!! Hoping for some luck with this!!

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Obviously this is a joke post - if you've ever lived through your kids having lice, you'd think twice before posting this...


thats ridiculous whos gonna put bleach in a childs hair


Pine sol? Yea I hope this is a joke - and a very inappropriate one at that!


Get a life.
Having head lice is a very serious preblem


Obviously non of you adults have never dealt with a serious infestation on yourself to were you feel like shaving your head or using bleach. With hair down the middle of my back, I'm feeling that way now!

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