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So many of these are great ideas!! A good tip for long, thick, very infested hair is to leave which ever mix you choose to use on over night with a shower cap!!!! Especially mayo, baby oil, veg oil, any oils. I've even left nix and rid in over night!! The best and most effective stuff I've ever used happened to be prescribed but was awesome! Can't remember the name it's been do long but it was an oil in a weird little bottle and smelt of done type of very strong pine!! It was almost hard to handle to be honest!! It said to leave it on for 12 hours but I left it in over night ...I swear when I rinsed my daughters hair the next morning the nits even fell out!!!!! Wish I knew what this stuff was called!! Inbox me on Facebook if you know @ Kim Griggs

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I remember that stuff its malithion it was a glass bottle ...they won't give it nomore..said it was harmful ..but man did that stuff work..


Its called ' Ovide' works WONDERS! But does stink :-( The insurance companies stopped paying for it because it eas too expensive :-( ($220+ per little bottle)

Luckily I still have 3 bottles just incase

Good luck ;-)


tree oil is also affective


try a product available from pharmacy called hedrin, a little on the pricy side but very effective.


The name of the script stuff you are talking about was calle Quell Shampoo. Unfortunately you can't get it anymore even with a script. It did work wonders!! I used it when my kids picked it up my daughters kindergarten year of school argggh. There is another script you can get from your dr now as well but it's not as good as the q uell used to be!


You can also get a script called Quell or Kwell. Not sure of spelling. Killed lice and nits. No lice comb was needed. All washed out when shampooed, rinsed and shampooed again.


I just tryed to buy the Quell. A 2 ounce bottle is 110.00 and insurance won't pay for it. This just burns me. It's no wonder we never get completely rid of it. It's a huge money maker to keep giving us products that don't completely work. I am trying the mouthwash tonight.


maybe your taling tea tree oil found at health food stores very strong pungiant smell

Melinda C.

For the Ovide, if you have the medical card, it does pay for it completely, other insurance companies wont. I used it in my hair when I got lice from my daughter, and the next day, everything was gone. Unfortunately, my daughter is only 2 and im not sure if she is too young for me to be able to use it on her.

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