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CEDAR OIL CEDAR OIL CEDAR OIL by cedarcide out of Spring, Texas.Harmless to humans and pets. What a wonderful cure all for mange!!! All natural!!!We did ivermectin(toxic side effects), dermasil shampoo(sodium laurel sulfates),vetericyn(safe), constant bathing,trips to vet, hydrogen peroxide, borax,DO NOT PUT MOTOR OIL ON YOUR DOG(carcinogen),and many, many assorted meds and shampoo. CEDAR OIL WAS THE WINNER!

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Can I get cedar oil anywhere? Do you bathe them in it? Spray it on? Let it soak on them for a bit? Details lol. I have a 2month old pit puppy & nothing works. Please respond ASAP (:


Cedar oil's success rate is marginal-about the only big advocates are the people who sell it. It takes a lot which can be harsh on a dog' skin especially if it's already red or scratched open because of mange. Turpentine and motor oil will kill them too but you wouldn't pour that on your dog would you? There are gentler ways to get rid of mites. I'm trying the mite avenge dip I saw elsewhere in this site and it's working.


Some greyhounds are allergic to cedar oil!


I have been a fan of CedarCide for nearly five years- I first tried it out when we had an exceptio ally bad summer of fleas in the Venice, CA area. It works like a charm on the fleas. The CedarCide company has several cedar oil products- I buy the gallon-sized PCO (Pest Control Outdoors) which is safe to use on pets/humans/plants (I dilute and spray my lawn and roses where my Belgian Sheephound likes to play/nap).
I discovered that the PCO is very effective in repelling mosquitoes, so in the summer I carry a spray bottle with the diluted oil in it.
I thankfully have not had to deal with mange on any of my dogs, but I am confident in this oil's ability to work on pesky insects.
For the pit bull pet owner, I would highly recommend keeping an outdoor soaking bin of the diluted CedarCide- every morning have your dog sit in the bin as you pour the creamy white watery oil on to completely soak your dog. After one week (maybe less) pour the basin liquid on the lawn/dirt area where your dog hangs out.
Good luck!


For Stefani the pit bull owner, go online to to get the cedar oil.


CEDAR OIL MADE THE PROBLEM WORSE AND IRRITATED THE HECK OUT OF MY POOR DOG! BORAX, HYDROGEN PEROXIDE AND WATER IS THE BEST WAY TO GO! It was interesting that the guy that sold us Dr. Ben's product wouldn't except returns if the product didn't work...The best remedy in the world is the Borax laundry detergent booster, hydrogen peroxide and water....we would bathe the dog every 5 days with an oatmeal medicated moisturizing shampoo and then apply the Borax mixture over her wet coat making sure that all the little folds were soaked with the solution and applied with a washcloth. You can't dry the animal off which means you might want to make the room as warm as possible for her/him. They have to air dry but they are allowed to shake so it does speed up the drying process. The solution kills the mites and the hydrogen peroxide soothes any skin infection, lesions. After the dog was dry we would apply a tea tree gel which is a natural skin moisturizer and skin antiseptic to the areas where she was really bare...she would close her eyes in relief as we rubbed in. This really provided relief from the itching too, almost immediately. If you do the full bath once a week and then once or twice a week apply the bad mangey areas with a washcloth and the Borax solution, you'll see results within the first few days. Also it is key that you feed your dog the best food, fish oil, avocados, sardines, organic coconut oil (which looks like vegetable shortening) in order to keep their skin in shape as well as boost their immune system which is usually the main reason for the mite attack in the first place. Also keep the house vacuumed well and all the dog bedding washed so they don't get reinfected while they are being treated. BE diligent about this regime for about 6 weeks and it will get better. It really is the cheapest and most effective way to cure mange. I would check with your vet after about six weeks of this treatment and you feel the condition is cured. They will do a skin scraping and make sure the mites are under control. If they feel there are still too many of those little buggers it is in your best interest to treat the animal for maybe another week or so until you get a good normal skin scraping and then watch them and keep them on good food!

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