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Garlic is the solution. Crushed a whole garlic and added table salt and then placed on my raging tooth ache and then pain free within minutes. Thanks to all the remedies people have added but this one has done the trick. By the way it is 4am in the morning and I took paracetamol, ibrufin and Voltarin with a heated heat bag placed on my cheak, but eventually I tried garlic and I can now go to bed pain free.

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Its 5am and after tossed and turn due to ubearable toothache. Tried this and works like miracle. Now I can go to sleep and my pain is down from 10 to 2.thanks again!


This method works.Thanks,it helps to shape the garlic clove to fit around or over tooth,with the shredded edge on affected area of tooth/gum.the garlic liquid oozes out and sinks into the nerve,calming it instantly providing relief from the pain

Suez Mohd

totally worked! Thanks so much. i have been crying a few hours for that and luckily i tried this one.the garlic is hot but it relieved my toothache within 5 minutes!


Crushed some garlic cloves covered them with salt and added a little water. Soaked a couple Qtips in it and pressed it to my swollen gums and broken tooth. 15 seconds and pain is gone! Tastes horrible but well worth it.


Everyone knows that 4a.m. Is In the morning!!!

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