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Garlic is the solution. Crushed a whole garlic and added table salt and then placed on my raging tooth ache and then pain free within minutes. Thanks to all the remedies people have added but this one has done the trick. By the way it is 4am in the morning and I took paracetamol, ibrufin and Voltarin with a heated heat bag placed on my cheak, but eventually I tried garlic and I can now go to bed pain free.

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i have a horrible tootache that even make me punch the wall in pain, i gonna try this later for now, i thank mefenamic acid


OMG this is amazing!!! Thank you SO much! It's now 5:10am and I can finally get some sleep!!! THANK YOUUUUUUU!!!! :)


Omg ! Thank you so much it work, I'm amazed


Awesome. Relief finally!


Thank you...thank you..I'm finally getting some relief...


Do u need to mix wit water?


It's 3am in the morning and I had been woken up by the pain! I tried Ibuprofen thinking that would help take some of the pain away but didn't. Got desperate and found this remedy. I was skeptical at first but tried it! And Im so Grateful to say it worked now I can go back to sleep pain Free!!! Thanks for this simple but effective home remedy!!!!


I would have never believed this if I didnt try it myself. For 2 days I have tried everything. Something work for a few minutes and the pain is back. Found this online and figured I would try it. (Couldnt hurt). And WOW it worked. Cant thank you enough.


Thank you. It works. Great solution


I just tried this solution I had almost instant relief.I got in car accident 3years ago and busted 6 teeth and can't afford dental work so I get a lot of toothaches always dealt with the pain but the garlic will definately be my pain reliever.THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this

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