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Garlic is the solution. Crushed a whole garlic and added table salt and then placed on my raging tooth ache and then pain free within minutes. Thanks to all the remedies people have added but this one has done the trick. By the way it is 4am in the morning and I took paracetamol, ibrufin and Voltarin with a heated heat bag placed on my cheak, but eventually I tried garlic and I can now go to bed pain free.

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I would just like to say right now if I could now I would give you the biggest hug this work so well went from thinking might have to go to the.hosipital cause didnt know i could put up withe pain much longer now about to go to sleep if it wasnt for you I prob would been up to 4


I did not think it would work,but i tried it and so far so good.I just hope it last so that i can get some sleep.


thank you thank you, what the others said.


Thanks for that, it seemed the easiest & fastest solution to the problem so I tried it. Worked great.


I am trying this remedy now,so I will see what works best,clove oil or this one.Thank you for sharing your remedies!!


It worked! Thank you for posting


My 18 year old daughter woke up at 7.30 am this morning with unbearable tooth ache, headed straight for tylenol, wanting to use medication on an empty stomach. I desuaded her, grabbed my ipad and googled home remedy for tooth ache. Your remedy was the only one that i considered because I had the ingredients at home. It is a MIRACLE CURE! In less than 10 minutes she was talking about the weather and breakfast! Thank you very much for sharing your 'discovery'. It works.


Omg thank u so much this really worked it 4 am and i think i might finally get some sleep now thanks again


This did not work for me at all! Probably irritated my tooth even more.

kim and josh

IT REALLY WORKS!!! My boyfriend tried it and had almost immediate relief! His exact words 'tastes like crap but works like a miracle!'

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