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My two year old had Molluscum and we tried a variety of methods hoping it would kill the virus. After about 7 months, I noticed it really starting to spread from underneath her arms to her belly, her back, and a few started to pop up on her legs. I took a chance and used a good strong clear top-coat nail polish. I applied it to the bump only (not the surrounding skin) and then reapplied one more time it about 7 days later. I also continued to apply it on any new bumps that I would see. The bumps turned red, tried to expel the core (which it cannot because of the nail polish), and eventually dry up. Within 4-5 weeks all her bumps dried up and went away! I can't beleive I wasted so much money on other remedies.

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There is so much information about molluscum and so many conflicting 'cures'. It is really interesting to read other peoples comments.

For what it is worth I recommend you have a look at what I think is the best site for information and a guide to treating the bumps. Three of my children had MC and we had to find a cure that was good for very young children and adults. It seems to me that the best cure combines the good work of apple cider vinegar other natural products like coconut oil, clove oil and tree oil. Anyway, it work wonders for us!

We used the advice on this site to heal them: -


do you consume the apple cider vinegar or rub it on


I have heard of this method, and am in the midst of trying it on my son... I am wondering, did you scratch off the cores once dried, or just let them fall off themselves? One more question... Did the new ones necessarily develop cores or just go away after treatment with the polish?
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my son had opne spot now has serveral on hos stomach i went to the doctors and she advised ,e to try the clear nail polish as well will be applying it tonight thanks so mucg.

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