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I hauled in some wood from my back porch and the next day I noticed these little blackish things on the back of my hands.
I didn't think they were Chiggers because they are not supposed to be around in California. WRONG! They are now. Don't know if it is global warming or just our area, but my doctor gets them too. There are some 31 varieties of Chiggers, so these may not be the kind as from Kansas, etc.

Anyway, I have been to different doctors five different times, and nothing seems to work. Then I read in a natural medicine book about TUMERIC.
It works. I use a little olive oil, and then sprinkle powdered tumeric on liberally. The itch stops immediately and the little bumps turn black. My skin turns orangy yellow from the spice, but it even seems to work deep down and later the top layer of skin will peel off taking the whole bite area with it. If the skin seems raw, I will then take a Clorox wipe or two and dampen them more with water, and wrap the whole thing with a clean dish towel. The itching stops and the bites will be gone in a few days. The only trouble is the tumeric is really messy and will yellow your sleeves, etc. but it does seem to wash out okay.

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Went fishing with my family and the ONLY one notcovered in the bugs was my son.
The only thing we could think of is that he fell in the creek that day....
Half tempted to dunk in next time I go to that location.

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