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I get ringworm occasionally (I don't know from where). The best (and cheapest) treatment I have found is vinegar - cheap plain white vinegar is fine. Soak a paper towel (or rag, make-up removal pad, etc.) in the vinegar and wipe the affected area as necessary (the more you do it the faster the ringworm disappears). I did it 6 times a day over the weekend and it had cleared up by Monday. This was after 3 weeks of various creams both over the counter and prescribed by my ex-doctor. Ringworm likes an alkaline environment. Also avoid using soap on the infected area as it is alkaline and only encourages the ringworm

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I truly pray this works. I'm at wits end . Since January I've been broke out in this horrible rash. Unfortunately I have lupus. So my immune systems compromised. I see a dermatologist Friday. But I can't take the way it looks. I've missed job interviews because of it.I put the vinegar in a spray bottle and sprayed my entire body. It stings a little. But hopefully its working.


Thank you for the vinegar advice. I've been meaning to post a comment here to say thanks. I owe you a lot for this information and hope a lot of other people out there suffering with this also use vinegar on their ringworm infected areas.

Take a piece of paper towel or tissue paper and cover the infected area, saturate it with vinegar and keep wetting the area as it starts drying for about 30 to 45 min twice a day on really infected areas, the itching will stop after 1 treatment. Apparently the ringworm bacteria can't stand this and die! It may leave a temporary scar on your skin like a scrape but this will go and it better than having ringworm.

It will sting but this is a good pain! later it dries up but don't stop the treatment for a week or till you're sure its gone.

I got the information from here and did it this way, thank you for the information and its gone in about a weeks time, I had it on my wrist for about a month and a half and it wouldn't respond to any cream. Vinegar is something that really kills ringworm and god knows what other skin infections.

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