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James Hancock

I have had plantar wart on my feet and warts on my hand. I nurse from a hospital made me a remedy of a bottle of aspirin and the highest concentrate rubbing alcohol. Crush the aspirin into a powder and mix alcohol until it makes a paste. Apply the mix and cover with a bandaid. The plantar wart on my foot was about the size of dime. After two months of treatment the wart fell out. The one on my hand was much smaller but it took about three weeks to disappear. The mix is kinda hard on the skin because the mix makes a acid that kills the skin layer by layer till the core falls out. I'm my case with the plantar wart. I had to cut off the callused skin with a razor blade because the more callused skin around it. The worse it hurt because of the pressure. The benefit to the aspirin mix is that most of the pain from the wart decreases after first week of treatment. The aspirin must work as a pain killer too. I feel for anyone who has plantar warts. Feels like walking on nails. Chlorine from a pool also helps kill them because if dries the skin out. Just be careful when you apply the mix on the wart. It will kill the the skin that you apply the mix too. So only apply it to the wart itself. It may take time but it costs about 5 bucks. I had spent hundreds of dollars going to doctors and they never got any better. A 5 dollar mix did the job in two months instead of months and months of treatment and expensive meds. Note. When using the mix. Sometimes it will harden up and you will have to add alcohol to it and thin it back out. It is because the alcohol will evaporate and the aspirin will harden up. Good luck to anyone who uses it. It works though. I promise that.

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