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I came to this website to see if there was something out there other then abreva. But there really wasn't anything that I haven't tried.
So... That being said my husband and I went to Walmart to buy the same ol abreva and came across a new medicine called Releev. So I decided to try it, I broke out with not one but 2 blisters at the same time one on my top lip and the other just below on my lower lip on Monday, today is Friday I started this med on tues night and they are already DRIED UP and almost completely gone!! This stuff is amazing.. It is a bit more then abreva but it's WAY worth it! Try it you will love the results.

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I guesse neosporine works good too it takes a little longer but I love it. I read a couple web sites and my lips have 3 blisters and it hurts like crazy so I put Oralgel and neosporine to numb and help with getting them off faster.


Yes that stuff is awesome, I tried it a yr ago and ever since its all ill use


I have gotten horrible fever blisters from stress this last year. One n the corner and a bunch of blisters around it..I've tried everything...I read all these remedies and tried a few..most made it worse. Last week I got another one and went to get abreva, I found Releev. It's only 2 dollars more that Abreva single dose. It works!! It's intended as a one day treatment but I used a little the next couple days too. Also take the supplement really works.Then when it scabs I put sea salt to heal it..neosporin after. Tea tree oil I use to clean it and keep it dry and clean when it pops. Never healed so fast...Releev and L-lysine work!!!


I boke out in fever blisters all down the right side of my nose. I found this website and it's a life saver!! The Releef is an amazing product!! I have had fever blisters my whole life and I have never heard of it. It works really great,that along with the lysine, it cleared it up in 1 day.Thank you to the original person who recommended this product.


I use a combination of L-Lysine, abreva, vicks vapor rub and Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream and it is gone within 2 days I also add yogurt with live culture to my diet until gone. My FB never get big with these all together.

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