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Raw organic Coconut oil will not give immediate relief but it will stop the cause of the tooth ache within about 2-12 hours. Pain will be gone also and if you rinse with it at least every few days the pain won't come back. This even treats the worst cavities that require root canal or extraction. you can use other topical pain reliever but wait a few minutes after to swish mouth with 1-2 teaspoons of coco oil, swish for about 25 seconds making sure to rub around gums and get in decayed tooth then spit oil. It's safe to swallow coco oil, in fact it's very good for you and antibiotic but the swishing action will also pull various toxins from you and shouldn't be swallowed. Don't eat or drink after just to make sure it sits a good bit. You can apply several times a day as coconut oil is perfectly safe unless you are allergic to it. If you are swallowing please research first because it has many medicinal uses and may lower blood pressure. God bless.

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I have had a toothache for about 10 days now. can't afford a dentist. I have been putting Ambesol on my gums every 2-3 hours and that works after about 10 minutes and then the excrutiating toothache pain returns. I happened to have coconut oil in my apartment. as much as a love coconut oil I NEVER expected it to work for the pain but i tried it and I'm amazed. I ut some on a cotonswab and rubbed it on my gums and held it there. I tried it because I was starting to feel the pain again. The pain went away. The toothache has been really bad every time I drink something hot or cold. After the pain stopped I drank soemthing cold and started to feel the pain again and again swabbed it with coconut oil. The pain stopped. I have to admit that I am in shock. I'll check back in tomorrow. I will be amazed if it stops the pain for more than a few hours but right now I am relieved as I'm sure the Ambesol will eventually stop working and it's only a bandaid remedy


I had a raging toothache yesterday, all day at work. called my dentist and he is off on holidays for two weeks. Didnt want to deal with his intern, so i googled home remedies for toothache to see what i can find. I came across this post, then i googled 'coconut oil for tooth ache', that is when I came across a myrid of articles and posts about a process called 'oil pulling' - basically what has been described here about swirling coconut oil in your mouth for about 20 minutes - It works like magic, the pain took about 5 minutes to disappear, but after it was gone, it is gone. i am on day two of this 'oil pulling' and it is better than all the pain killers out there, also it is natural. So glad I came across this!!


too bad


Thank-you so much, I've tried all of the things on this page and found this has the best result, and it tastes great!


Oil pulling is an ancient remedy that really works to rid your body of toxins. I do it every AM. Coconut oil is very good for healing whether you use it in O.P. or as a food source. I use Nutiva organic coconut oil and it tastes great, on salads or in soups or whatever.

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