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I am a 24 year old healthy female on no medications who had a nightmarish case of genital warts. After pouring over these home remedies for hours on end in desperation, I tried it all. First tea tree oil, then alcohol, then peroxide, then Apple cider vinegar. I made a little progress every time but it was embarrassing and time consuming. My warts were spreading and I felt I was doomed. So I did the unthinkable: I went to Kroger and bought the store brand wart remover. I was afraid, so I put in on my outermost wart first (near my leg). After 2 days of applying it morning and night, I peeled it off after my shower and it was gone. I was elated and so I moved on to the next. Same results. I eventually covered all of my remaining warts (I had A LOT) and within days they all went away. It hurt very very badly but it was so worth it. They've been gone for 3 weeks now. I know the bottle says don't do it, but I did and I could not be happier to be rid of those disgusting little beasts. There is hope!!

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... So happy for you . I have had gw for 6 months and can't get rid of them. I will check out Kroger tomorrow ... Thanks


Did this leave scarring?



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