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What worked on my gret Dane nod greyhound?
If it had to be chemical Adams flea nd tick is the only thing greyhounds can use that won't kill them. Since they have 1% body fat any chemical or flea collar will kill them. They have no fat so it goes straight to their organs. Adams is pricey but smells great and works. Used it for 13 years.
Non chemical.... Big into essential oils and lemongrass citrus lemon tea tree thieves or melaleuca any mixed itch water and sprayed on the dog will not hurt them barring scratches or allergies and fleas stop dead instantly. I spray around windows and doors watching carpet as it can spot your carpet. Hardwood is usually ok. Spray pillows blankets mattress. This helps also with black widow spiders. It has always worked for me but each animal is different. Oils are not too expensive and they really last a long time. If you look at vet fee then med fee you'll laugh at the price of essential oils. Nothing is too expensive when you your animals and your kids are all digging. I always keep them on hand. They not go bad and if I'm broke I don't have to figure out how I'm going to come up with $40 worth of oils at 1am.

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Sounds great to me! Gonna try it. Thanks for sharing!


Can you tell me what part of the world you are living in? I am interested in your ideas but I am wondering if they would work in Central America where it is hot?


I have just found out about essential oils lately. Which one would you suggest I try first? Theives? Or the lemon one? I might have some Melaleuca Oil somewhere. I have a 12 year old lab and she is miserable. Nothing is working anymore and sometimes she reacts to the chemicals. She wines all the time but won't stop digging and sand fleas seem to be worse than regular fleas. We live in South Texas.


Thieves oil and lemongrass oil are GREAT flea repellants, just remember to dilute them in mineral oil as they are quite potent (IF they're therapeutic grade. Beware of off the shelf oils. They can be adulterated due to the distillation process used. I recommend using Young Living or DoTerra essential oils, both available on line). If your dog has allergies be cautious of the type of oil you dilute in - my dog reacted to the canola oil I used at first. Once I switched to mineral oil, problem solved. 5-10 drops of each oil into an ounce or 2 of oil, then applied throughout the haircoat, works wonders. Also applying iodized salt to your carpet, leaving it overnight and then vacuuming it up kills fleas in the carpet. I've tried a lot of different remedies and these are what worked best for me. Also, for the dog who has chewed himself raw (like mine did) apply lavendar oil to the itchy spots. It's amazingly soothing and healing, better than the spray my vet gave me. As a side note - I never ever use Adams, Hartz, or other over the counter flea remedies because I had a cat AND a dog develop severe reactions, one went totally bald, after using. They're highly concentrated toxins and you never know which animals are going to be more sensitive to them. Many cats and dogs have died from them.

Nicky UK

Hi ya - Wow Thankyou for this !! its worked a treat with TeaTree Oil


Just a side note...I use essential oils for almost everything, but tea tree/ melaleuca oil can kill a dog. It's OK to use on cats, but is very poisonous to dogs. So be careful.

Neal K.

WARNING! DO NOT USE TEA TREE OIL on your dog! It is highly toxic to dogs. Especially if they lick after application. If you want to avoid chemicals consult a vet that endorses natural remedies. I almost killed my pet following advice on this forum. Don't be stupid like me. I will no longer use any online tips unless I can verify by someone credible.

Scarlett W.

Hi. I have large, medium and small dogs. I had been using Adams flea spray in the blue bottle for a few years. However, my new veterinarian told me that Adams can cause seizures and is not safe-especially for small dogs. I never had seen any problems or side effects-but just to be safe-I only use a small amount occasionally on my large dog. who weighs 93 lbs. I just wanted to let people know. Thanks.

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