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I was in the most pain ever in my life. I literally tried every remedy on here as well as other websites. Heres what to avoid::: DONT CHEW ON THE SIDE OF YOUR BAD TOOTH, DONT EAT ANYTHING TOUGH, STICK TO NOODLES, MASHED POATATOES..ECT..., DON'T STAY IN COLD WEATHER FOR MORE THAN 10 MINUTES, DON'T LAY ON THE SIDE OF YOUR BAD TOOTHE. YOU GET THE IDEA
Here's what saved my life::: NO INSURANCE AS EVERYBODY ELSE...I KEPT TRYING TO FIND WAYS TO MASSAGE MY JAW AND TEMPLE OR EVEN GET ME TO RELAX. I WAS AT A POINT OF NEARLY HURTING MYSELF BADLY, YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I SCREAMED AND CRIED, AND PRAYED LIKE NEVER BEFORE. FINALLY I FOUND WHAT SAVED MY LIFE...RUB :BIO FREEZE/icy hot/bengay..ect (found in drugstores)on your jaw to your temple where you feel your nerves pinched***keep away from eyes**, this will open up your sinuses and close your eyes..breath slowly(too much intake cant mess with your breathing if you have asthma like me). rub oragel type medicine in your inner mouth on the affected areas (ALOT). TAKE 2 ALEVES, A MUSCLE RELAXER AND 2 PAIN KILLERS., AND PRAY.....HAVE A GREAT SLEEP!! DO IT EVERY NIGHT AND YOU'LL HOPEFULLY BE FINE!!!


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Omg i totally feel u.I'm only 25n IV never in my life safer even having kids experienced such pain as a toothaiche.its hoerable.IV tried everything seriousley.not nothing helped besides penasillin n that's just for a few days or weeks n it starts sucks kuz I'm the only one in my family with such bad teeth so young.i have ins but dosent cover dentist.IV been to the and they r wonderfully i know to sum ppl it sounds scarey to go there but lemme tell u they treat u better then hear

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