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For most people having multiple partners isn't the reason why most of us have BV even though It's one of the symptoms causing it. I've been with the same person for almost 5 years and didn't have any complications with BV or any other vaginal infection until about 2 years ago. I went to the doctors for a normal check up and was told I had BV, never heard of it before. I know that I had just began experiencing with douching and thought that could have been the cause. I stopped doing that but I still had BV. The doctor prescribed me a medication and it went away for about 10 days and came back. I started looking online because I don't want to keep going to the doctors and getting different medications for the same thing and getting my hopes up that it's gone with a not so happy ending. Also, I'm trying to get pregnant which is very difficult with having an imbalanced PH balance and taking medications.

I had seen what works for many woman without using expensive vitamins or constantly going to the doctors, that you can use plain yogurt on a tampon for 7 days, and yes drench the tampon ladies. You can also take a vinegar bath, adding two cups of vinegar to your bath water and try to do that at least once everyday for about 20 minutes, no less. Hell, the longer the better. Also, every time you use the bathroom instead of wiping with just toilet paper you can use a disinfectant wipe, or just a wash cloth with ONLY water. & YES EVERYTIME you use the bathroom. Also while showering try to use soap for sensitive skin, dove preferably even though it's a little more expensive. And AVOID bubble baths, bacteria sits in your water and may be worsening the BV. Try to cut out sugar from your diet and add grains and fresh vegetable and fruit, as well as drinking at least 2 cups of cranberry juice a day.

I know this may seem like a lot of things to do but you don't have to do them all. Main things are the yogurt and baths. However, I've done it all and I've been clear for about 2 weeks now.

Hope it works for you because it did for me!!!!

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I did this before but it didnt works for me so i went to doctor and asked for metronidazole.. Its gone for 4 days but it came back... So i start looking online for home remedy and i got new solution fir two days it was all gone and feel comfortable.. By inserting vit C 1000 in my vagina...


Did the vitamin C burn your vagina? It burned after I inserted it and now I have what look like red sore marks on my inner labia. Feels more sore and tender on the inside now.


I wntd 2 post a comment but I dk if I had 2 sign up or reveal my identity so I am a lil apprehensive to comment.....


No it did not burn my vagina. I used without flavor and no sugar. I feel great and feel better... U have to take vit D as well...


erm hi i have the same thing i dont want my mum to fin dout and since im 15 i cant go to a doctor without an adult, its really embarrasing i just want to know where i can buy this vitamin c onlinne and please can you explai to mme, what do you mean by insterting vitamin c in your vagina?? Please i need help!! thabk yoou som much this problem was really bothering me a lot...


All u have to do is buy a vitamin C tablet.. No flavor... 1000mg.. U can just buy in supermarket in supplement division... And insert in your vagina or i mean put the tablet in ur vagina as deep as u can... Let it melt and out by itself.. I advise to tell that problem to your mum.. She will understand ur situation this happen to almost all women around the world.. Just try this and maybe works to u as well... Gudluck



I just wanted to add that you could also buy acidophilus pills, and take one orally in the morning and one vaginally at night. The best ones to buy are the ones with higher active culture cells. Which you will see on the bottle. I got 100 million active culture cells because it's cheaper and to be honest it seems to be doing just fine especially with everything else I'm doing that I stated above on my actual post. But they do have the ones that have 1 billion active culture cells and if you have BV very bad you can get that.

Just thought I'd let you know I'm still BV free. With barely spending any money at all.

Just a reminder, in order to get rid of BV you have to maintain what your doing, don't just stop after one day because your symptoms are gone. Because it can come back.



I know your 15 and scared to tell your mom. But you really should tell her. Hundreds of woman get BV and yeast infections all the time. & by telling your mom she will understand. Are you scared because you've been having sex because yeast infections and BV isn't from sex. You don't have to tell her that you're having sex but If you are please practice safe sex. Another thing is, you should go to the doctors because you may not have BV you may have something else and you want to be safe before you start taking medications and doing other things, especially when it comes to inserting things into your vaginal area. Also, BV can cause other complications if left untreated. However, you can buy probiotic acidophilus at a CVS by the vitamins section around me its about $7.00 for a bottle. Take one orally every morning and one vaginally every night. The only thing is acidophilus must be refrigerated to keep it cool. Again, you should tell your mom just to be safe.

Let me know how it goes. I hope I've helped some.

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