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Emma Marie

While taking my daughter to see her doctor recently, the nurse on duty mentioned her grand-daughter's eczema and how they finally found a solution.
Remedy: Use ALL 3 daily-
1)SOAP: Grandma's Lye Soap (made in Tulsa, OK) Don't use any other soaps. Mild enough to use on your face. Don't let the word 'lye' scare you.
2)SUPPLEMENT: Fish Oil -daily as directed.
3)LOTION: Use only- CRISCO WITH BUTTER- as your 'lotion' on your eczema (I use vanicream lite lotion on my face and crisco w/ butter for body parts with eczema)
(The nurse told me her grand-daughter's pediatric doctor recommended the remedy), which cleared up my severe eczema within 3 days.
BTW: I purchased a pink, empty, travel- size bottle and stuffed it with crisco w/butter. No one knows the difference- crisco looks and squeezes like other lotion. (I don't hide it- I've been telling the whole world- finally I have relief).
Best of luck - hope it works for you too.

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hi can u tell from where can buy da cream?

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