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I was reading through some of these remedies and some sound very painful. I actually have an infection now due to my period and using tampons...etc (curse female problems). Well I went the easy way an called the doc and got the one pill they give you. But I need immediate relief. I was looking for the less painful so i decided to go the salt route. What i did is soaked a wash cloth in hot salt water (i used regular salt) let it sit for a little bit to cool down (you do NOT want to put scalding hot water on your lady parts) and the out come was great. instant relief. THANK GOD!!

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How long did you put the wash cloth on yourself? Or did you pay yourself with it?


I just did the same and it stung just a little. It's about 15 minutes later and I'm feeling a little relief. I'm going to stop and get garlic coming home. I've been on monistat for only one day but the ITCHING is crazy! I never have yi unless I'm on strong antibiotics and I'm thankful for all the reminders about sugar.

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