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I can't believe I found this site today. It's like finding a Christmas gift that I forgot to unwrap. I had a horrible experience with a proctologist who hurt my butt real bad when he examined me so I'm taking matters in to my own hands (no pun intended) to address my butt issues. I'm pretty certain that what I have is anal warts. Especially after reading other posts here. They seem to be spreading in the anal area. I can't bear the itching and soreness anymore. Even pooping hurts real bad because I think there is one right inside... gross. Wet wipes burn like crazy so I usually rinse them with water and use them during the day. When I buy the box of wet wipes I fill the container of wipes with tap water then drain so that any chemicals or whatever is on them will dilute so they're just moist wipes. I'm trying the apple cider vinegar and will update with results (hopefully) because right now the only thing that feels good is when I lubricate the area with Aquaphor ointment and rub the heck out of them to satisfy the itch without breaking the skin. I will say, when I rub the itching I get tingly sensations all through my body from the relief only to see that I then have agitated them so much that they are red and swollen. Then I leave the Aquaphor on and go on about my day until the next uncontrollable urge strikes. Sometimes just putting my finger in very opening of my butt helps too... I think that's because there is one in there too. I hope this goes away soon and I will also keep checking back here in case someone posts another remedy to try (or hopefully I can report back a success story).

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Omg, do not itch them. They will spread faster. I myself have them and a couple on my shaft which is where they started then spread to anus. Itching is the worst thing you can do. Just keep doing your treatments and try to control the urge to itch. Don't let them take over you, gotta show them whose boss and ignore it. I am trying an organic natural therapeutic oil called Forces of nature Warts no More suppose to be good for genital warts. When you put it on it tingles and feels kinda icy. But have not used it long enough to know if it will work. But will let this site know when and if it does work. Good luck. Stop itching.

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