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Im 13 and ive been having breakouts every month since i was 8... Yes 8 i started puberty at 7... Dont ask cause i dunno! But i wasent too fond of break outs. So i tried everything and nothing worked. Just had to wait till the month was over.

Then at 12 i got a break out that never went away... Aka i got acne. And im 13 and i cant remember the last time i had clear skin.. Untill.... I tried the craziest thing! NEOSPORIN! It WORKS! At night just put a thin layer on ur face and wash it off in the morning then put on witch hazle and repeat this thill acne gose away usally takes a week for it to all go away but u see amazing results the first use!!!!

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I just put the Neosporin on my face and I am excited to see if your method works!! (:


What is witch hazel


Bethany, did it work?


I'm 35 years old and started breaking out a lot in just the last year. After many expensive acne washes, blemish reducers, clay masks, peel off masks... yeah, I tried that Neosporin trick and it works. Try applying the Neosporin before bed abd sticking a bandaid over the zit... works even if you have unsuccessfully attempted to pop it. Also, good for moisturizing your skin if you get dry patches. :)


I am a 57 year old man and some times I get facial acne as well as back acne. That has been happening since I was a teenager. The best thing I have found is wintergreen rubbing alcohol. It is a solvent and thins the sebum as well as treats the bacteria that causes the red color of acne. Recently I have been dealing with a breakout on my face. Using rubbing alcohol on the face has problems, makes it hard to breath when applied. But I think washing then treat with wintergreen rubbing alcohol and then with neosporin is a good idea. Neosporin is an antibiotic that can kill the bacteria that is in the oil producing gland of the skin. That is what causes the red color. It's an infection of the gland.

As for the OP having puberty at 7 this is not that uncommon today. There are a number of different chemicals in the environment today that look like estrogen in the body. Bisphenol-A is the most discussed. It causes young girls to enter puberty very early, precocious puberty, and young men to delay their introduction into manhood. It's just about impossible to avoid the chemicals that cause this. Only a very small amount of the chemical mimics can cause the problem. Most of them come from plastics. Can you go through your day and not touch, inhale off gassing or avoid plastics in any way during your day? I can't. It's everywhere. From the keyboard I am using to the water bottle drink from. Some personal hygiene products put them in on purpose. Many shampoos use human placenta as an ingredient. This is packed with hormones that can cause precocious puberty. So it's up to the parents to learn all they can before the problem occurs and protect their child.


Omg thank you so much!! I'm 16 and I have had acne for as long as I can remember. I've tried so many things even ProActive and let me just tell you, that broke me out even worse!! This Neosporin trick definitely worked for me!


my name is Debbie I just wanted to let u know I tried your advice on neosporin it really does work thank u sooooo much I have tried a lot of things who would of thought this would work


Thank you I tried the Neosporin and it worked the first note I tried so many things who would of thought this would be the answer to my life I was so self caunteous of my face again THANK YOU


Does it get rid of acne scars too????

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