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So, I have HSV type 2, which is genital herpes. I found out at 9:00 Valentines morning 2013. That day will officially and forever be dubbed VD day. When I received the call I broke down into tears, as any of you did. At the time I was not having an out break but I had apparently suffered one before I got tested. Mine has fortunately always been external. I have yet to deal with the painful urination.

Unfortunately I have no idea who I received it from. I have my suspicions. I did the right thing though, called each person I had foolishly trusted to have unprotected sex with, and let them know so they could go and get tested themselves. yes there is more than 1.. 4 to be exact in the last 2 years.

I am fortunate to have an amazing support system. For me the truth is better than hiding. It wont help, it will just cause you more heartache and OB's. Talk to people, don't be afraid and protect yourself as much as one can. As Doctor Seuss said, 'those who mind, don't matter and those that matter don't mind'. Be happy.

So I refuse to take pills. I find it to be ridiculous and most medications are derived from natural plants anyways.

Of course keeping the area dry, comfortable and clean is a must. I have read cornstarch helps with chaffing of the area. Of course applying on the sores a drying agent will help.. something with Zinc or witch hazel is a couple examples. And than follow with an antimicrobial like tea tree ol or neem. I still need to research further. Aloe or oatmeal will generally help sooth and relieve itching. Try and use the actual plant or make a paste with the oats.

With supplements, I take a Multi, pro-biotic, but what is Most important is to take a super-B complex. Its a tremendous boost to the immune system (try and get liquid if possible, your body absorbs it better!). Of course eat Lots of green vegi's. Fruits high in vitamin C, red fruits and berries. and EXERCISE!. Your body and mental health is of up most importance in keeping it dormant. Don't eat chocolate or nuts, that darn wonderful has cause my most recent OB.

Try and be normal. Be honest with partners and be honest with yourself. All of us are wonderful people, male or female. Blessed Be.

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what is the issue with chocolate and nuts? Just wondering.
btw, your positive thinking was wonderful and encouraging. I was diagnosed 3 days ago and am feeling sorry for myself....mainly because of the pain that I am having to deal with, not the actuality of having this virus.

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