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I had the mother of all UTI's a short time ago... I had tried everything my mom (who is very prone to UTI's) and the internet told me, which helped marginally-- whole cranberries, baking soda, large amounts of water, etc. These things helped, but the symptoms kept reemerging. My urine was constantly cloudy, and the site was still weak and tender for almost two weeks. I kept thinking it was clearing up, so I didn't go to the doctor for it (risky, I know). Then what cleared up the rest of the infection in less than 24 hours was something I never expected-- sweet tea that I got from Bush's Chicken. When I realized it was working, I stopped eating all the fruit and other stuff and just started drinking medium-dark and sweet teas (about 3 cups per day of Chai Tea with honey and 1 75-cent glass of sweet tea). No joke, it was a life-saver! Thank you, Bush's!

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Sugar is not something you want to intake with a UTI as it feeds the bacteria.


Im still giggling at the irony of the name of the chicken place : )

Central Texas

I'm still trying to figure out how sugar feeds the bacteria when only diabetics have sugar in their urine.
Bush's Chicken also makes THE BEST ROLLS and their strips and gravy are incredible!!

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