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For abcessed tooth - Put a small amout of hydrogen peroxide in mouth in the area of the tooth - swish around for about 5 minutes, spit it out, and rinse with warm salt water. It may have to be done several times until the abcess begins to drain. If you have to repeat it, wait an hour or so before doing it. I also take Echinacea and Goldenseal and garlic capsules and take Ibuprofen if needed for pain. Ssome pain can be relieved temporarily with a hot cloth applied to the face in the area of the offending tooth.

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I agree....the garlic works as an anti-biotic. I also sucked on pinto bean to help draw out the puss....Externally I used lavender essential oil for the pain.


This treatment worked for me,and the garlic tablets are working a treat.Thanks


How long does it take for the pus to start draining?


I have tried this now so far 2x's, waited 60mins before 2nd try and swished for 5+ minutes, rinsed w/ warm salt water, no effect for me (yet) I am going to try it one more time before bed though, and I am not (can't afford it right now) taking any garlic etc...

My abscessed in under my left wisdom tooth, the swelling is basically right under my tongue, very hard to swallow, the tooth is rotted and yes I am going to the dentist, my issue is that I just finished my antibiotics and for some reason, it did nothing @ all!

I tried this for temp relief until I can get to the dentist tomorrow, it really sucks, I haven't eaten in a week and sleep, well... thats just a memory, wish me luck tomorrow and I hope it works better for anyone else trying this.

-Pain In Springfield


I've just spent the last few days reading about a third of this thread. It's been a lifesaver so far.

Fortunately I was proactive on my tooth issue but I was not calling that dentist because frankly I'm convinced that some of my tooth issues are the result of dentistry and money hungry dentists.

Unfortunately this one is under one of the support teeth in a bridge. But I'll have no more root canals. I've had serious problem with minor infection in them for many years. Do some research on the problems leaky root canals can cause and some research on how likely it is you will have a leaker. The best and safe home for bacteria to build their armies and mount the attack. Yuck.

Anyway sometimes they are a necessary evil so I'm going to deal with this but in the mean time I've tried several of the most popular treatments here and something is working well so far. Thanks to you all.


As to what i'm using it's this but I'm not sure if all of it or only some of it is doing the job. It's salt water, tea bags and GARLIC mainly. I've added some Colloidal Silver on a whim but I'm not amazed by that stuff. I just had it around.

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